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Double rainbow smiles down on our construction project:

Brian and I getting our testosterone on at the Home Depot:

Woohoo! Check what just gave me:

Dipped spearman unit:

Post dipping musician:

Before shot of spearman musician, warts and all. Flat colors, no shading or corrections:

Re: dipping; this is closer than you would ever look at a dipped mini on the tabletop, and I'm still happy with it. Win.

Da dip:

One hasty and intentionally sloppy basecoat later:

Awww shit! Who's back at the painting table?

This dog is currently stoned. Plus you can see where they shaved her arm for an IV:

I'm already kinda full, but I'm going to make this oyako-don my bitch. (ups to Darci for finding the restaurant)

As if my cube at work needed to be nerdier:

For some reason this little fellow caught my eye at #APE . Love the expression ():

From #APE: "Nice sketch card, I didn't know you liked Kitty Pryde." "I do now..."

Holy god, actual tuna in the tuna roll, not the neon pink dyed stuff:

Co-worker took my last Altoid, so I also gave him the dust from the bottom of the tin. Put it neatly on his desk for him:

The line of vinyl and Lego on top of my cube wall that outs me to my co-workers:

Something about this Thor's face disturbs me. This line has had awesome sculpts up until this one...

And now I insta-win every Star Trek TCG with my #w00tstock win. Thanks, !