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Side by side Sasha DuBois. Her belt buckle and bullets on her belt are different, other details look good.

My custom scotch! Eager to crack into it. Yes, I caused someone to handwrite "Benedict Cumberscotch"

here's my initial sketch for a fisticuff court. let's make this real.

This facebook ad doesn't think very highly of me. Emphasis mine:

It's not even my zodiac sign, but I couldn't pass up a pig for my desk:

My personal logo, can also be an #OperationUnicorn image for :

Let's hear it for Wilson, everyone, foremost thinker of our time:

Behold: the mini that will get me my 8 score on CMON

This is how you come home from a business trip LIKE A BOSS:

Back of the package, his hand is left-right, the figure's hand is up-down. The prosecution rests. (cc )

The sniper for my kublaquar, painted dipped and dullcoted:


Subject line truncation FTW:

Not a single fuck was given.

Shit's about to get delicious up in here:

Me doing a huge bong rip, as drawn by the always awesome Jim Mahfood:

Slave Leias? Of course, it's #WonderCon !

Accurate costume, but word has it Sookie is a pretty terrible waitress...

The family that nerds together, stays together:

Here's a really good Phoenix from yesterday at #WonderCon :