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I'm a big fan of Green Day.they're part of my life!! And I've been dreaming about running a sushi restaurant in America!! plz feel free to follow me :D THANKS!!

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Look at this.I bought it yesterday before yesterday. his age is near my age but his music type is so old and cool.

I have a good idea. It's good that I listen to it. they're so cool guitar duo called Depapepe from Japan.

I've finished reading this. it made me laugh and cry!! I recommend you it. #twinglish #EngPls

Idiots!! Which do you love the best song of Green Day!? #GreenDay

Billie!! you're perfect guy I've ever met :D

SHIT!! I bought it but this CD for laptop so I can't listen to it... #twinglish #EngPls

I'll add these to my vocabulary!!

He is perfect. very cute.

I'm making sushi as practicing!! difficult!!

BJ is this one!

Ewwwww Micky!! be eaten by meeeeeee!!!!! #twinglish #EngPls


I bought this x3 I will read it from now. #twinglish #EngPls

I'll eat Yakiniku from now!! haha #twinglish #EngPls



I'm eating (a?) Sushi x3
So delicious x3 #twinglish #EngPls

Why do you stare at me?? Tr!

My English text books. #twinglish #EngPls

Look at this! adorable cat x3 his name is TORA!! it means "tiger" in English x3 haha #twinglish #EngPls

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