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Ole Miss class if 2017!!

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Aww shoo, looks who's number one.

Skyzonians. Here. Meow.

Glad all our taxes could pay for your fancy ceilings. #NewWildwood #SoWorthIt #Sarcasm

LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND! Friday will no longer be lonely. #ImALoser

Funny how the second someone gave me candy, I was no longer angry. #allisforgiven

Happy birthday Sunny! 13 years is quite a feat, and you deserve some recognition! #olddog but #stillbeautiful

Scotch tape fixes everything. Das a computer. #Macgyver

Awww :) Kewwy takes a nap. #tootiredforthis

Pinky and the Brain!

So apparently that's what a raspberry looks like? #nicejobtwizzlers

Oh I know! This is my backyard. Hell yeah Mississippi sun! #notgonnamissthis #hottytoddy

Only us #bipolarMN

Thanks I guess, but I'm gonna use it anyway! #defiance

Free rice krispy treat!