Agé Fraser


If U cannot FATHOM the IMMENSITY of my tweets, •DISMISS ur SHAPE• I will 4EVER tweet my OPINION regardless of its RELEVANCE! #iDGAF about YOU! #IG:FyneFella

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New Twitcon; Yes or No?

FALL is here & I'm not playing with that BITCH! Supplements & Protien in full Gear! #TeamSixPack

Last Winter, my face was FAT! But I was still #teamSEXY

dinner time!

#ATL rocking my LV evidence sunglasses! Always in gear!

#ATL my pecs were POPPIN in that shirt! It looked like an A cup with nipples

A pic from #ATL Peremiter Mall, or whatever mall its call!

#NowPlaying #DoItWhenTheRestWont --> Get it 1st *SHES GIVING LiFE*

I love ur Single cover. It's comical. But still So YOU!

my fat ASS drove 35 mins frm TORONTO to MISSISSAUGA just 2 get PANCAKES. dun have iHOP in Canada -.-

this is why I LOVE my MOMs....!


I need this as a SHIRT!

This is my DIET going out the fuQn DOOR!!! #LowersHeadinShame :(

No one cared to send me this when my FISH, GOLDIE died :(

.... #EnoughSaid