Agé Fraser


If U cannot FATHOM the IMMENSITY of my tweets, •DISMISS ur SHAPE• I will 4EVER tweet my OPINION regardless of its RELEVANCE! #iDGAF about YOU! #IG:FyneFella

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#Meal 3. And yes that's 1 Liter of water I need to finish! #2 more meal to go :(

Is this pic a YES or NO?

It's fall season, time to show case my hoodies!

would you KISS my LIPS? Or SUCK them?

Is this one SEXY aswell? Or the RED is better?

Is this one SEXY too?

Is this SEXY?

My Prior Twitcon, for those who Forgot

What the fuQ am I look at? The Bitch who got my Money!


iPhone is now my Primary phone. BB is now my secondary phone! Both activate and ready for me to say #POW Bitch

finally opened my iPhone 4, that I bought in MAY -- I am the LEAST bit excited... BLAH

Bruh bruh seriously. I'm being lazy. & I just love my BLACKBERRY which hardly works!

CARRERA glasses! Gotta do it with style!

FuQ Kelvin & Klein, Tommy & Hilfiger they aren't paying my Mortgage. I be rocking WALMART when u on a budget!