PINK Attack ! WHAM !


|F.ckn Awesome!| I♥GOD c/o 2012 |I ♥ Pink!| #PINKTEAM! #PinkShyt #TeamVirgin #TeamiHeartPINK #TeamADHD #PinkDisPinkDat ! I started dis shyt !!!

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All done. Lol. Night Twitter :)

I understand wat dey mean when dey say tan. My grandma use to be yella as The sun don't play.

This shyt taste regular to me.

It's about time. Lol

I been craving dis shyt. 2day is the day. Lol.

PMF gettin yatted 2day !!!

Crazy ass Zariyah. My love world <3

stay harrasin dis poor teacher wit his FINE ass ! Lol

Some else... Lol

Strawberry lemonade slushy and a extra caramel vanilla ice cream. #Heaven

I thought dat hoe ( ) was posin wit me, until I looked at da pic. Lol. Faker ! #MyFav

I done caught cuh off guard lookin like mad mike. Lol.

wide mouth ahh ! Lol. Gotcha bytch !

"She my bytch foreva, and she thick as eva !"

Me and wiz smoke da same

"Daydreams may be pleasant, but accomplishments are more satifying." #FortuneCookie

Finna buss down on dis good ass panda ! Lol

Bad ass Pink shambala bracelet I just just copped. Dat bih costed a grip !

All I wanted was the chicken nuggets. Everythang else gettin thrown away. Lol

-Watch These hoes closely, kux I know them bitches creepin'

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