Crazy Dee


I just came here to chill .... But if you @ my King I'll let the choppa sing #BangBang

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*deep sigh* .... smh

I think they supposed to have a walk out at Ari's school... But At least she knows!!!!

Ya see how these white folks messed up my baby name!? ARIYANNA isn't hard .... Is it?

In the meantime Imma hide in your trunk on Tuesday.....

It's pimpin pimpin...

I was yelling Weeeeesssssss Side on the left tho....

Where is .... You living a double life bruh? This you?

Happy Birthday !!!

Keese wanna be him so bad ....

Hold up RT Dancing nowadays is all about makn sure she feel dis dick and her makn sure I feel dat ass

THAT'S ME!!!! ----->>

RT : #RealDebateQuestions Who let the dogs out?

Sorry... Forgot the pic!

groups and this is the results. For example (see blue highlight)

Hey !!! Tell your mama I got us some of these in case it rains Classic Weekend

I swear my students tell me ANYthing in their papers.... smh

Where us ..... Have you seen this ?!?!

I'm bout to use this coupon Honey Boo Boo!!! lol