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An endomorphic mountaintop water drop who tells jokes for money and/or chicken strips. I follow back on twitter and in real life. Booking:

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who knew?

Ducks scare the shit out of ...

Somebody is duckin' hungry.

WooHoo DuckTales

Are you sure you're open? Because you don't look like you're open.

Hey Kendra, is it okay if I flip you off because I hate bad grammar?

I may or may not have eaten this whole thing in one sitting.

This guy is wearing a pink shirt and sporting a faux-hawk... that's what I call confidence. #baller

This is happening.

The lighting is bad, but is it just me or does look uncomfortable? #closetalker #drunk

Hahaha 69%

These douche bags love beer pong.

This picture only makes 50% happy. #viva #custodian

This message will make you a little uncomfortable upon returning to your car. Andover IS a bad neighborhood.

If it wasn't raining so hard I'd go tell my neighbor his car window is down.

It's hard out there for a pimp.

The comedically flawless doing his thing.

We really are at OC. Why would I lie?

These two people are clearly on their way to a beauty pageant.

Here is the only picture of me that you will ever find where I am wearing athletic apparel.

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