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Hi, I'm #FunkySimone with a microphone! Likes everything funky, flies around in her pink 'n purple spaceship. Tweets in Dutch & English | #funky

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Simone Bergmann a.k.a. 'Funky Simone' at one of the biggest comic fairs in #Holland. #kampen #cartoons #strips

  • 29 days ago via site
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Reprise Funky Simone 'Slow Juice' Tea Party was fun!! They made their own power juices! #organic

  • 114 days ago via site
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Geweldig om 1e Palais de Danse, maandelijkse party @ Brave Hendrik te hebben geopend als DJ Funky Simone! #denhaag

  • 140 days ago via site
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At comic books fair 15e Kamper Stripspektakel with Funky Simone #merchandise! Yay! #funkysimone #funky #cartoon

  • 383 days ago via site
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Look, look, LOOK! 1 of my fans @ comic books fair 15e Kamper Stripspektakel. #Funky. Yess. Hihi. *wink*

  • 390 days ago via site
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Look at that! 3 Simone's in 1 picture! Hihi... and... Simone, who is holding ME. *wink* #comiccon

  • 529 days ago via site
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Disappointed, a teeny-funky-weeny. forgot to put me in StripBabes Special! *big sigh* #funkysimone

  • 553 days ago via site
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I have my own #talkshow. #Funky guests, but sometimes I'd like to stuff da mic in someone's... PEEP. Ssst... Hihi.

  • 565 days ago via site
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Well, my sweet funky people! Now you have yourselves a very FUNKY #Christmas!! Hihi... *wink* #funkysimone

  • 631 days ago via site
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Wish me luck my Twitterrr friends! I'm flying to the North Pole 2night! Gonna help Santa with #FUNKY presents!

  • 638 days ago via site
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I'm Funky Simone with a microphone! Hihi... Yesss... *wink* #funkysimone #cartoon #comicfigur

  • 641 days ago via site
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Hihi... They sneaked me into 'Sinterklaasjournaal - doeboek' by ZAPP. I'm in it. Yesss, I'm EVERYWHERE!!

  • 665 days ago via site
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They sneaked me in, they sneaked me in, they sneaked me in...!!! Hihi... *wink* #funkysimone #funky #sinterklaas

  • 666 days ago via site
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The one and only pop concert for children in Holland is #HitzvoorKidz! On 28 October @ Heineken Music Hall! :))

  • 693 days ago via site
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Goodmornin' FUNKY people! I'm Funky Simone! How you like me now, huh!? Gonna driiive... #funkysimone #cartoon

  • 754 days ago via site
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This is Frank. Hope his 3-year-old daughter will grow up with my dolls, #comic books, diaries... Hihi... *wink*

  • 759 days ago via site
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This girl bought my Funky Simone poster, and here name is SIMONE too. Soooo funky cool!! Hihi.. 2/2 #funkysimone

  • 759 days ago via site
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Yesterday I was at a Dutch #comicbook convention and then visitors wanted a drawing of me and my autograph! 1/2

  • 759 days ago via site
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Kijk, kijk! Voor alle FUNKY KIDS een kleurrrplaat van moi. Hihi... Do you... like it!? *wink*

  • 797 days ago via site
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Do you.. like me? Hihi.. I'm too funky for my clothes, too funky, funkyyy!! Hihi.. *wink* #funkysimone #fashion

  • 798 days ago via site
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