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This is my kind of app!

#HowToAskAGirlToHomecoming - Ross Geller style.

#WorstPickUpLines - "I happen to like 8 year old boys.."

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

-Love Ross and Rach

The original Drake..

The One That Could Have Been

Safe to say People Magazine was wrong..

Safe to say Us Weekly was wrong..

Instagram & Vine are both down... There's only one person who could be behind all this.


Happy Birthday, ! Could today BE any more awesome?!?

#TheUKHasANewBoyband... And it's Way, No Way!


Yeah.. You didn't get one.


The ages of the cast when the show premiered:


I just Bamboozled Chandler! .....which is not a sexual thing.

#MentionPerfection - Gum?

What Ross wants you to do.