Fryda Wolff


Sound Designer for Turtle Rock studios, Voice Actor, huge freaking nerd. I'm obsessed with video game production. You can't stop me.

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Lyndon Johnson doesn't care about black people.

Hi 2 u student riots.

Holy shit Sofia wa blonde for a minute. Gross!

What's up Barrymore chin.

Tossing out grandparents' newspapers, spanning WWII to Vietnam. If you love your children, take out your trash.

Zug zug.

Lol Orange County.,-117.726427

Kitty Glitter!

Oxygen tube, hospital phone. Mom has pneumonia.

Am I offcially an audio person now that I have a pretentious pic of my head half in shadow? Brb writing my bio in the third person.

How to teach your child about crabs.

How to teach your child about herpes.

Producer cat is watching you play Torchlight and is angry you did not name your pet after him.

Cuentos Orientales, 1959 children's book from Milan.

Pinocho Emperador, 1925 children's book from Madrid.

Me circa last night. I have a gangstah eyebrow now, sup.

Grandma, mom, great aunt, great grandma Frida, kittens. Circa 1942.

Morro Bay rock, and the power plant. And a crapton of sand.

Sweet Jesus it's cold.,-120.904679

Bathroom attendant fail.