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Festival pluridisciplinaire: party de théâtre, danse, humour, musique, poésie... n'importe qui peux faire n'importe quoi! Mtl's summer block party of the arts!

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just beat future host kirsten at an arm wrestle! Say what?!
only at #FRINGEmtl

Check it out! Game 7 at #Fringepark #FRINGEmtl has it all!

This is how we brave the weather here #FRINGEmtl

Have u met the hot dog man!? bec Grab a glass of sangria and dance the day away! #FRINGEmtl

in #Fringepark #tdlalla #piknic whoooooooooo whoo whoooooooooo

PIKNIC ELECTRONIK!!! Fringe Park today only! Dance the day away- enjoy the bests until 18:00! #FRINGEmtl

The SmutSlam winners circle! This Fringer needs to go home and take a long cold shower. #FRINGEmtl

this slut getting her Smut on at SMUTSLAM #FRINGEmtl

A little wind and rain won't stop these Fringers! #FRINGEmtl #fringevolunteer

Postering at PARC FRINGE starting in 5 minutes!!! There's a line outside! #FRINGEmtl #fringevolunteer #fringepark

All-Star Improv has hit the stage #FRINGEmtl

Need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Zombie make-up, Improv, Band, Dj & Dawn ofThe Dead. #FRINGEmtl

So beautiful! getting ready for Grindhouse and All Star improv. Can somebody say TAN! #FRINGEmtl

The results are in: Shane from #FRINGEmtl show "Zack Adam's Love Songs for Future Girl" is our winner!

Ladies and Gents #FRINGEmtl proudly presents kicking serious air guitar butt!

Número 3: Ashton - This is what our volunteers are made of... #FRINGEmtl #fringevolunteer

Look at Jo go! Rocking out to Back in Black! #FRINGEmtl

Contestant number 1: Shane of "Zack Adams Future Wife" #FRINGEmtl

hell ya! rock those leopard skin tights!

Championnes de la 10e Drag Races: The Rainy Edition #fringemtl

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