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Gaddafi's cousin ; #AhmedGaddafiAldm, with some #Egyptian actresses. Money can buy you almost anything.

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photo of a tank belongs to #Gaddafi forces that were disguised with skins of sheeps to evade detection LOL. h many sheeps were slaughtered to cover 1 tank & h many tanks?

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#FF-as the rest of Libyans-are very much addicted on Caffè #macchiato. therefore the coffee machines were also brought to the frontlines. #Libya

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The name of #Jebril was written twice. look @ NO 1 & 7. LOL. I guess the 1st one as The head & the 2ed as a spy on the other members. #NTC

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Suliman one of #Gaddafi’s mercenaries from #Niger says, “I fought for Gaddafi, they promised me 5000 Euros but got nothing and now I am sick and penniless

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Head of #TNC Mr #AbdAljalil. He could not hold his tears after seeing a number of injured FFs IN THE tmc hospital #Tripoli.

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Postcard to #Gaddafi / Will #Barton

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This is Aymen 14 year-old child who picked up a cluster bomb outside of his house in Misrata. Upon picking it up, it exploded, ripping off both his hands, tearing off the flesh of his legs, and sending shrapnel into his eye.

He was so happy when he received his postcard from Australia, he asked his cousin to put the card around his neck so he could show everyone

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The LOGO of #Syrian opposition in exile !! #SYRIA

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...... And the Shepherd's Staff has smashed the king's crown, .......... #WhereisGaddafi?

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Yeah, I miss #Shawarma but not this #Shawarmist. #WhereIsGaddafihiding?!

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Mini Breaking LOL #Hala Misrati is showing her gun on #Gaddafi state TV. hahahahaha

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here is 2 of 18 #FF who have had 1 of their limbs amputated in the last week in the city of #Misrata. #PrayForBraveFF

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Recent photo of #Jaloud with FF of #Zentan after his defection. Major blow to #Gaddafi & his thugs. #GaddafiHoursAreNumbered

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The latest photo of #Gaddafi's PM #Abagdadi almahmudi. Well the photo says it all. TripoliIsImmenant #20082011

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'Sweet *** ': #Love letters Dafinka says #Saadi #Gaddafi sent her on George V hotel headed notepaper LOL oh Saadi!!!!!!!!

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have a look @ “The Roosters” by Joan #Miro (Spanish artist) #LibyanIndependencyFlag

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Today's demonstration in #AlQala to denounce the massacre commited by #Gaddafi mercenaries in the city of #AlQala

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FF @ eastern fronline of #Misrata, minutes be4 2day successful move that resulted in liberating the city of #Taurgha .

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From inside prison of #Gaddafi soldiers captured in #Misrata.Timetable:Medical OPD visit,Lectures.prayers ,Learning,sport events e.g Tennis table.

From inside prison of #Gaddafi soldiers captured in #Misrata.Timetable:Medical OPD visit,Lectures.prayers ,Learning,sport events e.g Tennis table.

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