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Hay GOOD MORNING C: And morning to you two as well!

More than you know! ;D

burned plastic underneath it D: Bad laminator. Ill get it reprinted next time i go to town

Yo why you do you have dick legs?

Going out to be knotty with

Going out to be knotty #ohMurr

Just as fyi when i got it it was already split in the back here Itll be shipped once I get home on tues/wed

I got it for you :) $50+ cost of shipping

. knows what we look like but here's a pic from last years #AC2012


Hey look I found a !

Takin a naked break to cool off *pants*

Alright who want to have the first dick-on-dick touch here at AC? ;)

Pink is <3 Lime green is good too *softly wags*

Yay 88,888 total messages!

I actually bought #FurryLogicLove back in 2011 for as a cute lil Valentines gift :3

Ha they must want 's dick ;D

Ha they must want 's dick ;D

Oh good Dog, yes--

lil Jack while I eat lunch & ink

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