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Lets Find This Child & Bring Him Home To His Parents Where He Belongs! #Dorchester! No Child Should Go Missing!

U haven't seen the Heavy's by Dre? RT : franky what fuckery is that lol

Its better than mines

Drinking This Tea Before I Go To Bed, Mi Abuela Is The Best!

Abuela Just Made Me Some Tea, Hopefully This Puts Me To Sleep.

My Bitch Been Taking Care Of Me Since Last Week #Love&HateRelationship But We Cool Tho

Sipping early with my brother

S/O to my uncle coppin me the Henny White, flew a couple thousands miles to get me this. #Salute! #Family

Yaull ain't living how mi Tia Mery Is Living, n she's almost hitting 90! #2FingerzUp!

Yaull broke nikkaz think yaull living? Peep my aunt tho, shawty about to hit 90! Still chuggin with her two fingers up

finally got a baby that looks like him, tired of all the white baby's he was sending me smh

He tells me he wants real food, like home good food, and look where he brings me

#ChampagneTime!!! Dec. 25th!!! http://t.co/p0ZCwXx2

On Some Honest Shit If You Fuck With Me Your Gonna Want To Download This Mixtape By 2/25/12

I hit that #617 view just for my City #Boston! that shit was hilarious!

it's cool, cuz this what I do all day, snack and Comcast cable!

Nikkaz be like "You Know What's In My Cup!!!"

But Peep

Ayoo! But Yaull Nikkaz Thought This Shorty was always grown, Think Again

Woke Up To BreakFast! Love Mi Abuela #Tripleta #DominicanBreakfast

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