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The Team Fortress 2 Heavy from has great detail, but I can't decide - Serious Heavy or Happy Heavy?!

My laptop just got a facelift with this Captain America fan art via Went on better than I expected!

Thanks for the super hero attire for girls too! From a geek dad of a little girl, this is appreciated.

In LAX at 6AM yet somehow reading Superman: Secret Origin by has made it seem worthwhile. #goodstuff

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark in Fuji High Quality VHS, recorded off TV. How I grew up watching movies.

Thank You for these amazing Hand-knitted his and hers Ghost balaclavas. They will be put to good use!

Am I right, by giving me this Tron disc, I can freely & violently engage him in disc fights at random?

Patient Zero by has arrived and looks rad. Next to the Mark III as a safety precaution of course

That's it! We're reprinting the box to say, "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - You WILL shit your pants."

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Custom themed Cartridge art found . I grabbed a few of my favorites by Andrew Wilson and Paul Wilson.

These awesome hand painted Ghost-themed shot glasses were waiting on my doorstep tonight! Thanks !

Macaroni and NO Cheese?! I'm pretty sure NO ONE was asking for this creation.

Hello Blizzcon! Give me your Diablo 3s and I'll be on my way.

Ghost has always been my favorite, hence why this is what lurks behind me while I work.

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Uploading a bunch of #MW2 avatar gear to XBL tomorrow, including this full GHOST outfit!

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Check out the feature on me in the Nov issue of WIRED magazine. Love the "Lord of the Flies" pun in the title.

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RUMOR SMASH. Rest your fears, this "convo" with me is fake. Never happened, isn't true, Fake convo is fake.

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Now why I hate travel as much as I love it. Missing my daughter Coraline getting her first teeth and rolling over for the 1st time.

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