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And the director finds a plesiosaur vertebrae!

And that's a wrap from both the Dinosaur Dreaming team and at Inverloch

Is this a dinosaur footprint from Inverloch?

A pterosaur tooth from Inverloch

A much nicer day to look for dinosaurs at Inverloch

Discussing a fossilized tree at Inverloch

Kryoturbation at Inverloch - evidence of a cold past

Leo and Sam find a small fleck of fossil bone at Inverloch

Volunteers breaking rock looking for dinosaurs at Inverloch

The dig site at Inverloch, currently a rock pool!

Femur of a small ornithopods dinosaur from Inverloch

A small theropod tooth at Inverloch

The first of four tour groups today, more tomorrow

Volunteers breaking rock, looking for dinosaurs at Inverloch

is chasing dinosaurs at Inverloch this weekend

Look what my good friends from the model railway club did for me! Now to tidy up the windows.

Look what some swine did to my carriage! Any tips on how to find them greatly appreciated

In case anyone thinks I haven't posted a pick of my carriage lately, this was yesterday

The winners #eureka2012 ... and good night!

And the pre-dinner schmoozing comes to an end #eurekas2012