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It was not a good look then. It is not a good look now.

Sent a friend a link to #Tsonga's comments. Didn't go over well.


It was fun buddy. You will always have my heart. #niners

How are they not the best. Answer me that. I dare you.

Chase rocking his Team GB cufflinks. Not sure they match his bowtie, but whatever. He's a dog.

Merry Corg-mas!

Please allow me to retort:

Thanksgiving, y'all.

SERIOUSLY. Why so stressed, Libs? Come on.

Saw this today. Nice wall, Berlin. Well, I mean, it's a nice wall *now*.

It's disturbingly adorable. And obviously hilarious. Case in point:

Every time I plug my iPod into Picasa this pic pops up and makes me happy. Miss my dogs.

YOU GUISE. Turkish covers of American music videos. #smoothcriminal

Also, Carl says hi. Hijinks, that guy.

You know you're in Eastern Europe when...there's a bullet hole in your window.

Werk. #usopen

"Is it time to drink yet?"

I mean, what is that?

I haven't seen his face but I'm convinced this guy in front of me is creepy Uncle Arvin. #sd6