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Fortresscraft PC is turning out to be quite frankly gorgeous. IMHO.

"It's good to see you again, old friend." (Works best if you use Saruman's voice)

Some men... just want to watch the world burn.

  • 1337 days ago via site
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Things are slowly coming together! I might need to venture out and locate some sort of food, however.

  • 1354 days ago via site
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Minecart networks and some harvesters. I promise to do more screenshots!

  • 1357 days ago via site
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A productive day. Now it's time to go join in the #i48 pub quiz :)

  • 1358 days ago via site
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FC-Unity rendering an entire FC-Xbox sized map. Running at 15fps on my laptop.

  • 1358 days ago via site
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From tiny acorns, do mighty Oak trees grow. (Takes like 70 years tho. Sorry)

  • 1363 days ago via site
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"TechAxeVille" becomes "New Prosperity". I might keep the axe tho. :-)

  • 1404 days ago via site
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The recently-renamed FoodTown. Exciting stuff. It's like SimCity before anyone's moved in...

  • 1404 days ago via site
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Hopefully everyone recognises the vehicles in FortressCraft:World ! (Sensible sized screenshot, as per request)

  • 1405 days ago via site
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Yikes. I almost feel like I'm writing an 'arty' Indie Game here. NEEDS MORE EXPLOSIONS. #torgue

  • 1412 days ago via site
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BomberMatch running on a triple projector setup. If memory serves, this game was about 50 players; limit is 512.

  • 1433 days ago via site
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It appears my slot 3 ship (Headless Harry) is one of the worst ships ever created.Why am I so bad at my own games?

  • 1473 days ago via site
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Procedurally-generated 2D spaceships. Still WIP but I thought some of you might enjoy my last 2 hour's work!

  • 1504 days ago via site
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SpiderBot stalking ButcherBoyTomas Oriental world.

  • 1511 days ago via site
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Spider Bot invades the latest incarnation of the Dwarven Kingdom (note the scale of the custom Dwarves)

  • 1511 days ago via site
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And finally, everything coming together nicely!

  • 1521 days ago via site
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Mmm. Reflections.

  • 1521 days ago via site
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The last thing you'll ever see. (assuming you let the boss get too close)

  • 1521 days ago via site
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