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Working mom. Pop culture fiend. Cheese, chocolate, wine and caffeine loyalist. Novice suburbanite.

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All hail and their arrival to my burb. My day is now more tolerable.

Slow it down, Hallmark. We're dealing w Halloween sugar hangovers for now.

This hotel carpet could cause seizures.

This hotel carpet may cause a seizure

Bye Holland, I'll miss you. I'll miss dear Gouda most of all. Next stop, London.

Things I didn't buy here

A nice way to unload those leftover euros before leaving

Breakfast of champions for this tourist

Imagine Trader Joes in Europe. On steroids. I'm there, and I may never leave this cheese section.

Let's pull it together . Line is 20+ deep and I'm dangerously undercaffeinated.

Perfect view for a wedding reception.

This can't be productive. My whole desktop just booted up sideways.

The carnage of my husband's birthday festivities at home, post-baby and toddler cake consumption.

Can I please come back as my dog in my next life?

Someone else getting in some final moments of relaxation #roadtrip

I'm feeling so Bridges of Madison County right now. #roadtrip

When I told my 3 year-old he could choose one treat at the store, he of course finds this.

Love this. Bought cheap wallet . Look at the easy-to-use theft guide that comes w it if lost.

In a million years, I'd never guess this would be the next place I'd see some old HS friends.

Ohno! Spotted: Nude stockings w flip flops. Really?! #iamnofashionplatebutpleasedontdothis

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