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You just took 5 seconds outta your life to read my bio when u coulda just followed me. Smh #GwoppaGangOrDie #TeamNoChill #TeamLetMeBeGreat

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RT : Who that? i wanna see bra RT : That nude man. Them nipples looked like Nestlé chocolate.

DAWG.'lmaoooooooo. Hakini guh sleep man

watching "Friday" and this when Craig girl called him., WHY IM JUST NOTICIN ANOTHA. NIGGA IN DA BED. LMFAO

Seems legit

Just copped mah cool gray 9s. I'm outchea

LMFAO. Bruh look at this nigga answer. I'm crying

this is all coming from somebody who dont know me from NOWHERE. Lmao. Okay ma.

This nigga a fool. Im crying.

So my friend daughter refuses to sleep on the mat during naptime at day care. This is sooo funny to me lmaooo

when u handle these hideous bags under ur eyes THEN U CAN COME FOR ME, until.

RT : stfu Foody you're annoying me now.

RT : u use that already

RT : I'm baccckk


u gon let me be great or nah?

see all u had to do was let me be great and this wouldnt have happened

RT : Talking bout you never really fucked with me anyways, THESE TEXTS SAYS DIFFERENT.

RT : Im tired of y'all mad hoes for real, stickin to my bitch Kayla. She stay glad.

Yall talk about haitians and that girl in the pic with the two different shoes is from VI....