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That's better

Quite possibly the brownest dinner I have ever made

Just got home and Mrs FU has very nearly finished the Gruffalo cake

Hoorah, I can finally feed my family for 50 quid on bread, bread, er bread and hey, bread! ffs

Pan-roasted chicken with lentils, roasted tomatoes, aioli and basil oil, bloomin gorgeous!

well your Haiku knife passed the hedgehog mango test, now off to find more veggies

Wow look what I just picked up from the post office

We had a bad frost a couple of nights ago, who knew, still the goosegogs are coming on strong

Ok allotment/veg growing tweeps, what's happen to me spuds

Ok where am I? (easypeasy really)

Just got mega confused then has moved to where Kipfurl used to be

However they do do 'Arc' trousers which are handy if you should ever shit yourself and wish to conceal the fact

Elderflower is starting to come out too, cordials and puds aside, any other uses?

Just a small bunch of the hundreds of cherries growing on our tree, it's going to be a big one this year

Happy diners!

Enjoy the alfresco lifestyle with drinks on our terrace (if it pisses down, we're in trouble)

Well we're all ready, just need to have a shower and resist urge to drink wine

Our sloe gin, very naughty

Going to let the cucumber pulp drip drip all night, we'll finish granita in the morning

This reminds me of a party I once went, William Hague was there too strangely enough