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After the dried pulse/pea dilemma earlier on, was pretty chuffed with end result, tasted bloody gorgeous it did

  • 913 days ago via site
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And I know for certain & were whispering 'get that frigging camera outta my face'

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I am not sure but I think was flicking me the bird last night #ScotchEggChallenge

  • 914 days ago via site
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And this is how you are supposed to eat them yes?

  • 956 days ago via site
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So the leeks came out well, although I've never tried calcots before so can't compare

  • 956 days ago via site
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may I present the evidence!

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Just had my first asparagus spear, straight from the ground, blanched for 30 secs and dipped in egg, gorgeous

  • 1091 days ago via site
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shit MiMi, hope they get to the bottom of it soon, want me to send my personal physician over?

  • 1122 days ago via site
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You have to admit, both bottles DO look similar #willsuncreamcleanmysheets

  • 1126 days ago via site
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Stumbled across this photo, place is now demolished, I wonder if anyone got their hands on the tiles? I wish I had

  • 1137 days ago via site
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Let's try again, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you scrumpets or lamb goujons, bloody gorgeous

  • 1140 days ago via site
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I plan to write a post this arvo, in the meantime, check this lovely pic of #persimmon pre tarting

  • 1179 days ago via site
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This thing is the bane of my life at the moment, getting quite obsessed with it, damn thing

  • 1224 days ago via site
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Probably THE most disturbing photo you'll ever see this year

  • 1230 days ago via site
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what this KitKat?

  • 1242 days ago via site
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The menu for the FU Halloween Supper Club on Sat, looks good huh?

  • 1248 days ago via site
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Super moist, sexy chocolate brownie, perverted almost, a St Nige recipe naturally

  • 1264 days ago via site
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Love this pic too, vegetables in autumn sunlight, might write a poem about them "oh carrot, how beautiful are thee to me"

  • 1272 days ago via site
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Autumn coleslaw, red cabbage, yellow, beetroot, carrot, fennel, pomegranate - suuuupoib

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