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Fast and Furious 6

just zone out so

likkle hottaz tho

She shapous tho

My 2nd bottle of this... Mom start see doubles loool

Mi live up to ma promise sir

Peace be with you all my brothers and sisters :)

Pit a flood out

Admissions HD Tv would look so much better in my room

Zing then this.... Awesome friday night this

The hell is this thing? It taste good tho

Imagine seeing one of these rolling towards you x_x

Chiiling with and while watch interfaculty finals

I like this. "All violaters will be silenced"

Dinner! Paper plate style \O/

And the rain has begun. Mi wah guh back a mi yaaaaad

New Highscore. \O/

As me reach, this greeted me

thats the duppy fruit aka "Noni"

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