Just a simple girl who likes to enjoy life day by day with family, LOVE :0, Friends, Books, Reading, Wine, Ocean, Music,Dancing, The Joy of a sweet Life *-* :0

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To my Secret Santa From: your Secret Santa: HAPPY FRIDAY ***** XOXOXOXOXO :D

One more day for the Beautiful #FullMoon to start I can feel it in my Heart the passion will be so hot (~.~)*

Sending a Sweet Flowery hug to my pretty Faeries and #MuchLoveAlways XO

To: My Secret Santa From: your Secret Santa: *smiling at you* 22 days to go =)

I hope u mami gets better soon and u know that you are my beautiful Sweet Heart Lady "All the Time" #Loveyou

Sharing w my sweet Darling friends my 1er Christmas gif from me 2 me *-*

Special day today for me *-* I am using my 1er sweet and Glamoury Christmas card from sweet Doll xoxo

To my Secret twitter Santa you can have it All 3 *~* because I am on a diet :( xoxo

To: My Secret Santa From: ur Secret Santa, I had been choosen as a Joyful girl by my co-workets, feel free to

I had been choosen as the most Joyful girl in my office my Santa Stocking is So Cute *-*

e Always in my heart, sending good sweet wishes 2 my Faeries Happy Friends #MuchLove XO

To:My secret twitter Santa From: ur secret Santa *~* Hey u.u I can always take homemade Ceviche work delivery

you see o.o how much super dupi :) no choco I will see how do I feel with this 1ers :)

To: from your Secret Santa: You did forgot to say were was that parade lol :)

From my Bedroom A Super Happy Mickey Sunday to see you my Sweet Beautiful SunFlower #YouRAlways in my Heart

oh wait and I wish I can have the bike to hmmmm maybe I get it my self :D

Sharing with my twitter friends my Secret Santa gif from my parents *-* this is what I wrotte in my I want this letter

Ouch yeap it does hurts my Butt when I do this exercise but it is worth the pain (*.~)*

Yo fue creada en Colegio Relioso Catholico Esta es La Virgen Maria" me gusta cantarle El Ave Maria

Another Beautiful treat reminds me of my great grandmother from Spain, feeling like a Real "Maja" Love the Black Lace