Fletcher Sharpe


22, BeatWriter for MLive/Soccer, Sportswriter for BoxScoreNews.com....(really) amatuer soccer/football player....a decent guy....%a#FletchaDoinWork

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"I got these cheeseburgas, maaynneee" -

Ayi dios mio, I can't do anything right X_X

#HotTubSwag ^_^

#MSharpe got the steak in the house

Heh #Obama

Potato Place #swag

Its like is walking in front of me X_X

The only thing the UGL is good for.

"I like your shoes!" - young lady

#TwitpicYourColdSores X_X

Now that she's wife this nigga, my stepsister has become a football analyst O_o

Look at the big baaaaaaybeeee :-P ()

Found a pumpkin with his homo ass...lol

and if you were wondering how big it is, here's a size showing

oh yeah this is my new tattoo

Yo....what the fuck is this?


this is my new one...partially done