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RT : same happens with hexadecimal

You rock, Google. (see number of results found ;P)

lol? (it deletes ~/Library/Preferences/ and then restarts Dock)

Springtomize 1.3-4 is out: many bug fixes & improvements, plus the ability to delete old backups.

Are people really this dumb?

Apple just keeps trolling ;P (can't wait for iPhone11,1!)

Hi! Could you please look into this issue? ("x started following you" repeated twice for every user)

Quesiti #maturità2012:

#maturità2012 seconda prova scientifico matematica:

And by the way, Ethernet seems even faster this morning:

Ethernet at WWDC.

Picking up my badge!

Mm. The WWDC app is not working anymore for me. This is what I get, even though the web interface works just fine.

PasswordPilotPro has been submitted to the Cydia Store!

Fold to unlock, kinda:

It's coming.