Figaro aka The Fig


I'm Figaro! I'm a Bichon mutt who was running the mean streets of Philly until I got adopted by my human, Megan. I have an annoying kitty roommate named Mitsy.

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Oh my no Mitsy's closet is out of control! Damn girl, you need to get a J-O-B to pay for all that.

Conditioner?!?! My god, woman! Torture!!!

Bathtime?! HALP ME!!!

Me an mitsy enjoying the sunshine--my life, my life, my life... In the sunshine! Fig gets down in the sunshine!

Dang! It's snowin!

Merry xmas from sir sleeps a lot!

Tired Saint Figalous


Makin art with my roommate. You wouldn't understand it.

My great-Gramps is old and he's kind of cold but he can't resist me cause I'm the F.I.G. #rappawty

The Fig is not a coffee table! Jus kidding, that's my great-Gramps, he can do whatever he wants.

feeling the wind in my hair! #cutepic

It's figgy time!

Biz casual!

Long day at teh dog park chillin wit my homies

Easy like Saturday mornin'

WTF: what the fig!

Mits is helping to set teh table for teh dinner! Crazy mits, that's all wrong!