Figaro aka The Fig


I'm Figaro! I'm a Bichon mutt who was running the mean streets of Philly until I got adopted by my human, Megan. I have an annoying kitty roommate named Mitsy.

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Wussup baby

Mitsy thinks she so cool #whatevs

Daaamn I be lookin pretty

Meetin' youngins at the powelton porch sale.

Chillin wit Mitz on the couch, yo. Nice couch, right? For rezzy.

Nappin yo.

Check out my coat, bitches! Wus my name wus my name!

Chillin wit my bff

Chillin on the stoop

Chillin wit my aunt-in-law! Yeah she's hot but she be married. The Fig don't cross those lines.

Fresh from the barber shop



Chillin wit my auntie


Mits and me helping my gramps relax. Homeboy be stressed!

This is my cousin cool Chris. He's my homie.

Fly from the beauty salon

Playing cards, yo.

Mitsy helping my gramps do taxes. Silly mits!