I don't like to kill, but I've got poison in my bite.

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I have no idea if this is a good mascara, I just liked the colour of the container~

The Team Rocket guy in the intro for Pokémon Platinum looks like a serial-killing rapist.

I photograph better drunk than I do sober. Which isn't saying much.

I had no idea being a tasteless 12 year old was a medical condition!

So, it's a medical condition? I always said "bieber fever" was an STD...

Oh, nostalgia.

I has kimidoll pen.

I just found a vending machine thingy that sells these. BRB, spending all my $2 coins.

Can't really see it, but...

I had been thinking it was particularly windy today...

It seemed a fitting name for my ~rival~

Why does a cartridge so small come in such a large case?

Gotta love pointless destruction. You sure showed that glass who's boss, kids!

I just bought the cutest birthday card for my little cousin Sarah. ♡

Sometimes I think Cornelius is the only one who really understands me (other than , obvs.)