quiet but evil. and super famous

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Digiorno ain't got shit

This can't be life....

Double bowl stack ur the one I lean on...

Or this might be my tat.

My next tat bee.

This fkn car scared the shit outta meeeeeeeeee

I made this track my bitch yo!!

Dang my job was fkn too busy today!!!!!

If someone could find Venus or mars I'll give em my paycheck for this week

For the haters ...

bro I'm Portuguese jk no but I understood that! (: and the real one look check it

Clutched it like a boss!!! Fk im great !! Straight up the champion y'all check it..


I'm thinking bout making the switch to this hair I like how it brings out my eyes


Hate these kinda dms hopefully I don't do em too without knowing ...

Fml this is me

I can even make a bum take an epic pic I got skillz! jk he's my friend don't judge him :/ I'm available yo

My got whooped on my flow

This foo stills got the flows tho..