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Obama: "The debate is over. Hydrogen-filled dirigibles are here to stay!"

  • 910 days ago via site
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Is this the 2014 Democrat campaign slogan?

Poll watchers on the lookout for voter fraud in Paris, June 1940. #UkraineReferendum

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A charming group photo from Kim Jong Un's family album.

  • 1001 days ago via site
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Infamous Nazi ENIGMA code machine, on display in the SPY exhibit at the

Reagan Library reopens, asks a good question...

Berlin in 1961, or Washington DC in 2013?

  • 1091 days ago via site
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So THAT'S why Obama shut down the Federal government!

Obama in tough negotiation with Rouhani.

  • 1098 days ago via site
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"From Uncle Joe to Uncle O." or "Every Day is May Day in Obama's DC"

  • 1100 days ago via site
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Politico calls THIS a "dazzling smile"? I guess love IS blind!

What I Did on Special Election Day in L.A. County

Kerry's irrefutable photographic proof that Assad used sarin on St Paul on the Road to Damascus

  • 1121 days ago via site
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"We'd love to lend a hand in Syria, Old Boy, but don't you know, Vicky was rather hoping for a Fabergé egg."

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Obama's modified Nobel Peace Prize medallion. Now it's the "O-bel" Prize, and the "Peace" part is relativized.

  • 1129 days ago via site
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When you've lost Mad Magazine, you've lost the nation...

Obama wants to be a WHAT?

  • 1159 days ago via site
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Biden and Obama are like Pinky and the Brain, except they're more "Pinky and the Pseud."

  • 1164 days ago via site
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Guy Madison? Is THAT what the means by "white hispanic"?

Dr Trayvon was only trying to help.

  • 1185 days ago via site
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