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i know that will appreciate this as much as i do. #reasonswearebesties

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any mac smarties know if there is a way to fix this? the original file and backup are saying the same thing. :/

  • 1221 days ago via site
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i. want. this. so. bad. something tells me it'll make chuckle. :)

  • 1303 days ago via site
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something that was funny in 2006 STILL makes me laugh 5 yrs later. chelsea is a hoot.

  • 1307 days ago via site
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i give you full permission to do this for me when i die. i'll leave my address list in the will.

  • 1316 days ago via site
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dancing with my pawpaw. one of my most precious memories. i'll take this blurry picture over no picture anyday. :)

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new years resolution: have as much fun in my 25th year of life as my mimi is having in her 88th year of life.

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dear santa: even i can agree that this kid saved the best wish for last. #thanksandgigemisright #cutestthingever

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it's my grandparent's 1st night back in their house after a neighbor did this before thanksgiving. #homesweethome

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this was as good as i could do last night. wish i'd had > than a 300mm zoom + a remote shutter, but i'll take it.

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  • 24 words are needed to make you laugh. #thismakesmefeellikeiknowyoureallywell

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you will love this. not that everyone else won't. but you...i just KNOW you will.

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just in case you wanna eat Jesus for Christmas dinner instead of celebrate his birth? #anchormangavehimmorecredit

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i attribute much of my dislike of bananas to things like this. gag. slash....laugh really hard.

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& i dressed up JUST for . we know she'd forgotten how pretty/handsome we are.

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it's time a heart to heart, texas. i sure do love you a lot, but if you can't learn to do this, i don't think it'll last.

  • 1389 days ago via site
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oh what a night. here's the proof....

  • 1453 days ago via site
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but THIS portion of my igoogle page makes me long for texas more than pretty much anything else. #gigemwhoop

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THIS portion of my igoogle page makes me REALLY happy that i'm not in texas.

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thinking about you tim timminy tim timminy tim tim tarooooooo.

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