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Raja Sehari? #beentheredonethat hahahahahaha


There goes my USS virginity.

Thank you guys for all the prezzies & cards. :') Wanna mention all of you but exceed character limit lah.

Why do i even agree to take this kind of pictures? Hahaha.

she's doing fine! Here's a pict of her! Haha

Woke up and somehow this cat manage to find a spot to sleep beside me. Lucky i nvr crush him.

How could one be so heartless? Me and my bro found this bird tied to a pole. We are trying our best untie the knot.

Me new shades

This is it.

My companion for the night.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHRAF! Dah legal uh siol, tk pyh tunggu rahman belikkan lagi. Hehe. Bsk aku bagi kau ni kay.

Finally. :')

To all malaysian fans who called us 'singapura-pura'

carik gaduh ni. Hahaha

Now i understand why wanna change his course. This shit is boring.

Now i understand why want to change course. This shit is boring.

Saving up money. $2/day #letsdothis

speaking of nawas, remember this?

Found this inside my very old file.hahahaha

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