Survivor of the Alan Titchmarsh gun rampage.

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This is what it should look like . . .

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Staring at your soul...

Now Rebekah Brooks has been arrested, I fear this scene from Order of the Phoenix will be re-enacted but a little more Ginger.

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Were trapped at a great height! Fuuuuuck

Oh look it's KezzaMc on the road being a swag

Laughing out loud at Gideon's face! He looks so bored.

And to think I was going to dress as this swag cunt if I'd won :(

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Adverts are very forward these days.

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I hate shitty wee trending topics by the deluded. Irritates me.

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Search this. Then you should be able to find it

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See I saw this one, gives us an hour to get in the queue, lets us go home whenever for £6, it's just the time that is sickening.

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BERTHA. #thisiswhatitmutatesintothis

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They got me! But it isn't God who's taking us... It's the Angels! THE WEEPING ANGELS ARE THE RAPTURE!

I am turned on

What the fuck?

These beasts make me want to go back to America! 10 of them on the way to Universal. Best Car Journey ever!

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Nice to see your face has gained weight Dave.

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Beware The Lemon Whore!

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