Keri MacFarlane. (;


My life consists of writing, Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy, concerts, and food. I also find flatulence quite amusing...immaturity at it's finest.

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FINALLY!! #YouSetMeFree <3

I don't know, I've just always really loved this picture of . <333

& Go Radio are having a Tilly’s Stage Live Google+ Hangout May 28th - 3PM PT/ 6PM ET! #FTSK

CNN's Susan Candiotti at her finest, Hahahaha.

"But life goes on the endings the starting line" LOVE!

Watching That's So Raven! 

FINALLY! so perfect "chin up, press on, you will survive" <3 #ChinUpKid

I'm such an alcoholic casually drinking this in my room oooo0o0o0o0o.

I drew #MegGriffin but I fucked up her mouth and foot. Oh well.

I tried (and failed) hahaha #ChrisGfiffin I didn't make him fat enough lol

Shitty selfie Saturday. And a throwback! (excuse up my nose and my horrible unibrow)

Can we get married now, please? #perfect <3

Getting closer to having the whole collection. Yay! (I have some doubles) #familyguy

Well this used to be road end and you used to be able to turn but it's basically a big pond...

I must say, this makes me question 's orgasm face, hahaha.

Good thing I didn't have much left and didn't leave some water in it, lmao oops!

I know I'm going to sleep all day so I set all of these alarms. There's one more that says "fucking moron." #FamilyGuy #new

I got bored lmao.