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I draw furry critters and stuff. I might post stuff that is NSFW once in a while. Say hello and I'll say something back. :3

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The Traxs was busy this morning. :P

Mmmmm, so good. ^///^

Somebody's a dick. :/

Their are no fences that can hold back love. <3

Damn, snow already. It's only September.

Oh Windows, you suck balls. When I step out for ONE minute!

I don't think I want to know what sits on this toilet seat.

I work here at planet Honda. :P

Damn, I got some long eyelashes. :P

I think I'm going into bankruptcy. :D

Happy birthday to myself! Hehe

The line for GTA 5 is big!

Hell yeah! :D

Cock-blocked again. Thanks Obama. :P

. Look at what I found. :P

Merica! Fuck yeah!

It seams that Chromecast has a easy time casting videos from the Crunchyroll website. :D

I think this cookie knows my future for once. I have a new home and new job, so I hope it's right.

Baby otters are adorable! That's all. :3