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Yeah… that's a big fat lie.

Seeing this every day is great motivation…

Running a 5K on Saturday the 20th. Kicked off last minute preparations with a 2 mile run tonight.

Dad called me down for dinner. I didn't respond (was listening to music) so he threw my dinner away. Aight.

Poor guy…

You're such a great internet freedom advocate, .

Reddit never fails to impress… or not

Oh Old Spice, you never fail to humor me.

How's this business model working out for you, ?

I may or may not have bought the entire American Pie collection on iTunes. Hey, I like them.

Isn't DRM great?

It's about perfect here.

You're so classy, Google.

Found some guy awing at the Google Streetview car on Google Maps

I don't think she understood my humor -

The new mini player is awesome, too. #iTunes11

I love the intelligent coloring of track lists based on album art in iTunes 11 -

WHOA the text! The text changes colors too! #LovingTheLittleThings

Excuse me for being tedious, but I love the fact that iTunes generates a color background based on album color now.

I lol'd.