Rae Kaboose


Pepe LeJeanyis Malcolm eXercise aka #GymJones and proud member of the GymFamily! LETS WORK! I dont have to do nothin but stay black and die.

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If this dont wake u up nothing will.


My face right now

Go to his office, call him. PUT PRESSURE ON BOB MCCOLLOUGH

Scuuuse? Malcolm?

Nigerian scammer face

Same person http://twitpic.com/eabva6

Nigga probably eat mad turnips

Bruh. Why he block me? I aint eem say shit lmao

Jesse Jackson lookin at Peach with pure lust

HOLD UP. Why that look like 6-9-2014? This is August.....

this my favorite

"Idk why these guys keep DMn me. Nooo clue why." *posts another thirst trap* "yup noooo clue"

So u have noooooooo idea huh?

Same chick wit her ass out in mad picks wants to know why niggas DM her.

Your future RT : Females more loyal to twitter niggas than their own niggas

RT : RT The Picture You Want The News To Show Of You If The Police Shoot You

A firm "no" and smack on her hand would occur. Idc how u feel about it either