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Pepe LeJeanyis Malcolm eXercise aka #GymJones and proud member of the GymFamily! LETS WORK! I dont have to do nothin but stay black and die.

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"I am NOT having a good day, hunty" nh nh nh nh





Thrones fans: who more of a sneaky bastard? Varys or Lord Balish?

I be standing outside during it, acting like im causing it lol. Then make this face

Bout to watch Short Circuit 2 tho. Cuz fuck Oscar and his fake ass goons.


Starting now......lets see how long it takes with traffic & everything.

I want this hairstyle when i get older & im deadass....for like a month.

Excuse me Mr u sell 'powder' and shoot 20 niggas and so tough but why are u making duck lips? Nh

Fiery Hands and Duck Lips: The Fairy Mixtape.