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I was hesitant about posting this yesterday. Oh, well. She taught us how to photo-bomb. We love you, mom. [J]

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Who would have ever have thought that I'd have a reason to share this? [J]

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We took Evan to Baldpate Mountain for a day to relax way back when. Now, we share the day with you, HYBRIDS. [J]

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"Jessa's kind of weird and I love her for it. I think I'm going to give her this. . ." 7.24.2010 [J]

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"My name is Alan Wake. I've lost everything, my flashlight, my wife." But not Barry. [J] (Alan Wake and Barry)

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Happy Halloween, HYBRIDS. Our preferred method of escapism at its finest. [V] (Alan Wake & Mr. Stucky)

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[J] #EMH

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You would understand why it was necessary if you were me. It all points to that girl. #EMH

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Here's that postcard I got a few weeks ago. Any ideas, HYBRIDS? [J] If you want to become a God, use #HYBRID

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Walked in the park today. Relaxed my mind. Saw the path where all those pallets were in Episode #4. [J]

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Alex and I took a walk in the park today. Leave it to a little brother to cheer you up. Almost. [J]

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Last night. Miles away from there at this point. No reason to abandon your help though. ...Thank you, HYBRIDS. [J]

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Top marker says "Aug 20, 1955 28.60 FEET" Good lord, can you imagine flood waters that high? Better call Noah!

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Another shot from River Drive. (Also nearby Washington's Crossing State Park.) Haha, hiking video anyone? [J]

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Jessa and I took a nice stroll just outside of Lambertville, NJ last night. Such a beautiful area. [J]

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Miscellaneously, our dreams.

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The reason, among other things, for the delay. Hold on, HYBRIDS. [J]

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Waiting for all these files to convert! Should be up by... dawn? Here's a shot from today. [EJV]

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