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I'm a stuffed bunny. BusterTWondrdog's my brother. We go with Mom 2 doctor appts. She has an aneurysm & arthritis, so there's lotsa appts. We cheer her up.

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Our Dot has a brother -- which means & I do 2! His name is Spot.

There's a new night-light by our bedroom door too. It's also got bubbles!

We have a new night-light by our shelf. It's bubbly!

Some clown (really) gave our Dot a friend. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl, or how long the friendship will last.

Here we r in San Francisco having a cookie. I'm @ left, 's @ middle, & Dot's @ right.

This cookie is REALLY GOOD!! :-)

Here we r on Mom's lap. It's fun having Dot w/ us. And we don't wanna lose her!

We're on the Golden Gate Bridge! Dot got 2 ride with & me. She kept falling off Kwai Chang.

Here's a close-up of the fingers. They're sausages w/fake fingernails on. Hee hee!! was scared of 'em!

Mom had to keep the fingers in the fridge last night. The cats were trying to eat them.

Another part of our haunted porch. That's Dad in the white shirt.

Part of our haunted porch.

Mom's scary Halloween teeth and fingers.

Here's r graveyard. Mom & Dad tested 1of r 2 fog machines a cpl days ago. Looks spooky 2 me!!!

Here's a pumpkin pic taken with the "flash" on. Mom cldnt carve the pumpkin this year. Her finger's swollen & sore.

Dad carved the pumpkin. Mom took the white LED out of an electronic tealight & replaced it with a red one.

This is Mom's hand. Not a "jello hand" after all. Green water was better. The hard part was knotting the glove.

We decided not to put the Halloween teeth in r pumpkin. They look spookier on the table.

Mom's fingers look really creepy.

Here's how the tea light looks with the cover back on. Mom likes to do electronic stuff.

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