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A sad fat dragon with no friends. Evil herbivore.

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Basically wine in a sippy cup

The Tiarajudens eccentricus is adorable

Watching SVU with my cat

Happy Sunday from me

The truck doesn't look too bad but there's pieces of GT. Was tempted to grab what looked like a piece of the engine.

Some idiot hit a truck, both airbags deployed, and then they just parked the car and left like nothing happened.

Nice driving.

Puppy's birthday at 's

Puppy's birthday at 's

Got a place in top ten and top five scores in laser maze today

Bling bingo. Blingo. I -16? Are there negatives?

Amanda can now smell like a black tease. "Sexy little things."


Just found a single earplug in my jacket pocket.

Just got back from an emergency visit to the vet. My little parkour artist fractured her back toes.

Eating baby snacks. Don't judge.

Oh good gods that's horrifying.

Christmas time!

I want these down comforters at Macy's

'Oh were you planning to use this? Don't mind me.'