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The pope has a twitter account. That's awesome. Had to block him though. Enough idiocy on my TL already.


Disgusting neck beard coming along nicely. Just pure laziness, really.

I don't even care, I wear this literally all the time at home. #MCFC

Lack of sleep catching up! Haha sorry:

June I've had since birth basically, but the little one is the new one, Starbuck. She's just like June.

Little one playing copycat. Learning how to be a dog from a VERY bad influence! #June #Starbuck

I'll take those pitching lines.

Sums it up pretty well, what I ask myself daily.

When I saw it in the next door yard of the vacant house I was working in, I knew I had to have it.. #ArmadilloLove

Which one? #GoDucks

Which one? #GoDucks

Still going..

Delving into the inner depths of my door panel. What a fun way to spend a Sunday morning.

Not bad, I suppose. #FantasyBaseball

Not bad, I suppose. #FantasyBaseball

Quite the ERA for the week.


Oh yeah.