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Indycar addict, music lover, motorsports cheerleader and IndyCar addict. I also write for a thing called #311Nation

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I really like these color bars to help distinguish drivers in the running order stack.

#SeeYouInIndy #IsItMayYet

I like! Never thought to make the rig contained in its own box.

I understand totally.

Just because I laughed at myself while doing it. #redneckgarage #sickofscraping #IsItMarchYet #IsItMayYet

I stumbled across what looks to be a soon to open Tesla dealership actually inside the keystone fashion mall.

The stigs red headed step child is frustrated there isn’t any drive.

#springproject #indycar

could you guys let know how to spell?!

Is GoPro sponsoring the GP of Indy?

this is what bought followers look like; 20 follows, 0 followers. Pages upon pages follow it.

alright, last one. Found a pretty damning table when comparing the young vs historic drivers.

#TBT the 2011 Indy 500. I was making dinner for the crew when I was photo ambushed. #deerinheadlights

Hey . You’ve misspelled Colombia in a few places in bio on the website.

actually just snapped a pic of my still in process display area last night.

. my grandpa has this in his office. I *think* it’s a booze bottle.