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What fresh hell is this?

Finally made it out to and picked up an too! The Jetta was a bit out of place...

Always proud to rep my comically oversized shirt at work. #slowday #cancersucks

Yet another fantastic find! Rapid response for $2.50. so excited to finally have this book #winning

Found in the cracked(dot)com link section at the end of a new article. Cracked has had multiple indycar ads in the past

Awesome classic corvette! #taketheragtopoffdude

pug named Henry and a Norwegian Buhund names Bailey.

Jenga on a Saturday night. DON'T SHAKE THE TABLE!! #steadysteadysteady

not many better views than this. Race morning of the 500. #IndyCarImages

Why living in Indianapolis rocks reason number 37: finding stuff like this at goodwill for a buck. #indycar

The wonderful magazine keeps making me look like a fool.... #thosedatesarentright #callingtheeditor


exactly why I bought these. They still count, right?!

massive improvements over 4 in terms is speed. I’m not mistaking about my version am I?

Finally getting four new potenzas installed by my little bro at Harris tire. Supporting

also, found this on my other feed and had to share with you. #pugaholic

right before I left last night.

AVUS: 19km hairpin oval built on the autobahn in 1921. North corner was banked at 43°