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Each year a new ocean. This year the Atlantic;

From our balcony looking down- what a gorgeous resort.

The view from our room in Hilton Head. The staff brought us champagne!

The picture definition of hurry up and wait... Just get comfortable-

193 Soldiers; 83 vehicles; 24 hours; 7 days; one mission. Gators On-Line. Headed home to the ones we love.

Are we there yet? Holy cowwwwwww.

They served us shrimp on a silver platter... That's the first time I've ever been treated like an officer in the field-

Can't wait to be back with my number one-

To the Co. Battle Captain: "I need you to secure my mountain dews, they're behind the pineapple."

Officer cigar night in the tent. Watch your ash!

The Gators are definitely on line; making the mission happen; even with no notice!

Bored. Sneaking around with the phone taking pics. This is my driver; SPC Gregg.

The sunset I write about.

Yum! Mexicokes!!!

In my element-

Mike, Class I/III platoon leader, is smoked after a hard day in the desert.

It's hard work, work. It's hard work, it's real hard work...

Our home for a bit.

Here I am.

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