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I am interesting, well at least I like to think so (:

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When you need a snack and miss home, always reach for #cucumbers #limon #salt

Haha! Looks like we got a look-a-like! Missin' those face patches though...

Heehee, this is what I'd look like if I shaved the side of my head like MaryElizabeth! , you liked? ;D

In this outfit, the stickfigures of , , and are hauntingly accurate. Y'all win.

Just like home (,:

Oh Axel-burger, you showed yerself to be a worthy member of this meal;

Was the only one reppin' at the gym today! Let's go ! #fearthebeard #linsanity #prettyboy #rocket4life

Grandma's new backyard, #verminfree #freebricks #dirt

Ladies and gentlemen, the real Deadmau5

I can read while these kids play in their little worlds

Just trying to stay awake at work, only so much to so with six kids who have beyblades and dolls

Wrong move bitches. *again, sorry for the vulgarity*

Some caca who doesn't know how to park parked next to me! Oh wait...hahahaha!

I couldn't resist them this morning!

Ah :) how I love Halloween and the decorating that comes along with it! <3

I've a true addiction (:

She's quite precious and an insanely active puppy! Ps. Her dad, is boooooorrrrriiiinnnnngggg! (:

My friend colored my tattoo in with highlighters and an unsuccessful expo marker (: the shenanigans we pull!

Aggie for life<3 I love you! :D

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