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Well, this it. It's been great. Thank you again.

Just wanted to say hi

I've tried. I've tried so hard it hurts but my memes get me no where. :(

I would say I live & breathe comics but I know for a fact they taste like shit & they really don't inhale very well.



Hope that cunt, likes my meme.

Yes he did. I kinda hate Canadians now. Thanks, Justin. #JustinBieberChangedMyLife

I'm keeping a copy of this in my wallet, thought you'd like one for yours, .

It's only 106 in my hot tub. :(

Totally working right now.

I love you guys this much.

Hey, Fuckers.

Hey, Fuckers.

Your first is always your favorite...

Why didn't any of you tell me that 1st aid kits have free condoms in them? Not only is it a large it's also ribbed.

Fuck you, guys. I'm having fun.

A rape whistle but for dolphin trainers.

Because I'm romantic as shit...

I'm telling you, I. Won't. Stop.